For decades, rich colorful paints have been the most effective way that decorative painters turn a house into a beautiful home. Quite simply, homeowners are getting the most decorative finish dollars, when they spend them on paint.

By itself, paint is great. Michele Dawn Designs combines paint with special faux ingredients and techniques, to transform walls into beautiful works of art! All decorative finishes are applied by hand, and the result is that each one is absolutely unique, giving the surfaces and the objects you use a truly personal touch.

We take great pride in identifying and evaluating the hottest and trendiest new products. We regularly attend events featuring faux finishing experts and suppliers, giving us a hands-on opportunity to try new products, and learn fresh faux finishing techniques. The top vendors are continually creating new finishes, and they provide us with their knowledge, skills and supplies. We are passionate about what we do..

Dazzling Metallics

Metallic finishes are becoming the new Traditional/Modern look in today's Spas, Resorts and Homes. Michele is an expert in the application of real Gold and Silver Leaf Gilding applications onto dining room chairs, treasured buffets and antique furniture to metallic colored wall plasters in vivid hues for any discerning client's tastes.

Michele also uses metallic rubs and foils for architectural molding and cabinetry producing smooth, luminous surfaces that sparkle and glow when bathed in light.

For your pleasure and inspiration feel free to peruse these few links for color choices for your next project then call us to discuss your new exciting ideas for your furniture and walls.


The way you decorate your home or business speaks volumes about you and your personal style. We can take your restoration dreams and ideas to the highest level in decorative painting solutions.

We are proud to provide you with the highest quality of craftsmanship and creativity, where excellence and beauty are foremost and where we look into the past, while moving into the future.

Every finish and decorative touch at Michele Dawn Designs is unique and timeless. You'll save in renovation costs, since our creative finishes can instantly give your space an historically accurate appeal.

  • Texture, color and style preferences are limitless.
  • We offer on-site training, consulting and interior wall design.

Renovations and restorations are disciplined art form, learned through acquired experience, plus training with new products and techniques. Contact us today to learn more.